PVC Paste Resin

PVC Paste Resin description :

PVC Paste Resin is also known as Emulsion Pastes. PVC Paste Resin is widely used in Wallpaper, Flooring, Carpet, Automobile components, Electrical Components, Different types of Leathers and its accessories etc


   63-68    Manufacturing of Floor covering, Wall covering, foam Sheet, Leather Cloth, Conveyor Belt, Molding Toys, Shoes, Industrial Product etc.
   73-76    Manufacturing of Doll, Toys, Boots and Automotive accessories etc.
   75-80    Manufacturing of Foam Leather, Foaming Products, Gloves, Toys ,Leather Cloth, Industrial Product etc.


  • Packing is available Vented Paper Bags or in Polypropylene Bags.
  • 25 Kg bags and 500/1000 Kg jumbo bags.
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