PVC Resin description :

We at,SunflareImpexPvt. Ltd., are a Leading Importer and Supplier of all types of PVC Resins and PVC Paste Resins.We have developed alliance with various Asian and European country’s leading PVC manufacturers to Import high quality PVC Resin.

PVC Resin is a thermoplastic resin and is used in Films and Sheets, Blister Packaging, Tarpaulins, Pipes and Hoses, PVC Window and Profiles, PVC Sheets, Insulation of cables, Curtains, Bags etc.

PVC Resin is distinguished according to its Manufacturing process and Applications as below.
  • PVC Suspension Resin,
  • PVC Mass Resin,
  • PVC Paste Resin,
  • PVC Co polymer resin


PVC Resin is produced by polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM). The main polymerization methods include Suspension, Mass (Bulk) and Emulsion, and methods. About 80% of production involves suspension polymerization. First, the raw material VCM is pressurized and liquefied, and then fed into the polymerization reactor, which contains water and suspending agents in advance. Next, the initiator is fed into the reactor, and PVC is produced under a few bars at 40 – 60°C.The role of water is to remove and control the heat given off in the polymerization process. PVC forms as tiny particles which grow and when they reach a desired size the reaction is stopped and any unreacted vinyl chloride is distilled off and re-used. The PVC is separated off and dried to form a white powder also known as PVC resin.


   56 to 58    Manufacturing of Rigid sheets and Tiles, Pipe Fitting, Bottle, Injection Mould, Flooring, Non-toxic sheets, Window etc.
   60 to 62    Manufacturing of Flooring, Rigid Profiles etc.
   65 to 67    Manufacturing of all types of Pipes, Hose, Insulation of Electrical Cables, Flexible Extruded, Film, Profile, Sheet, etc.
   66 to 68    Manufacturing of Garden and other Water pipes, Rigid Pipes, Profiles, Ducting, Conduit, Window Profile, etc.
   70 to 72    Manufacturing of Insulation for Electrical cables, Medical and Food Packaging, Luggage, Protective Clothing, Stretch and Shrink – Wrap Film,  etc.


  • Packing is available in Polypropylene.
  • 25 Kg bags and 500/1000 Kg jumbo bags.
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