Wheat Flours description :

Wheat flour is a powder, made by grinding Wheat grains. It is the main ingredients for bread, which is a staple food for many cultures. Wheat flour is one of the most important ingredients in India, European, North American, Middle Eastern, North African, Gulf countries and mostly all over the world.

Wheat flour contains a high proportion of Starches, which are a subset of complex carbohydrates also known as polysaccharides. The kind of Wheat flour used in cooking include all-purpose flour (known as plain outside North America), self-rising flour (known as self-rising outside North America) and cake flour including bleached flour.

The higher the protein content the harder and stronger the flour, and the more it will produce crusty or chewy breads. The lower the protein the softer the flour, which is better for cakes, cookies, bakery products and pie crusts.

Process :

Wheat must be free of materials such as stones, dust and weed seeds. This requires several cleaning processes, then it passes through an aspirator that works like a vacuum cleaner sucking up strange substances which is lighter than the wheat and removing it.

Samples of wheat are taken for tests. The cleaned wheat is conditioned with water using highly sophisticated equipment that measure: Test weight, Moisture, Temperature, Hardness, after it Wheat grains goes for Grinding process according to its grades.

We offer Wheat flour which is processed and packed at our high-end processing unit based inGuajrat as per set International standards. The offered Wheat flour is highly acknowledged for its purity, nutrition value and competitive prices. It is also examined on set Quality parameters to ensure the Quality and Food standards of the product.

We never compromise in our Product Quality.

Features :

  • Rich in vitamins and safe to consume.
  • High nutrition value.
  • Easily digestible and good for health.
  • Available in tamper proof packing to maintain its freshness for long period.
  • Good water absorption ratio.

Packing :

Packing are available in different sizes-

5 Kg bag/10 Kg bag/25 Kg bag/50 Kg bag.
Also can avail as per Customer requirement.

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