UPVC/COLD Water pipes fittings description :

A complete range of pressure fittings for water supply in agriculture, SWR fittings for soil, waste and rainwater applications in building, construction and waste water management, plumbing system for residential and commercial buildings. Available in sizes 20 mm to 160 mm as per IS 7834.

Types of UPVC pipes pressure fittings available:- Elbow, Tee, Reducer, MTA (Male Threaded Adapter), FTA (Female Threaded Adapter), End cap, Threaded end cap, Tail piece, Flange, Coupler, Service Saddle, Valves

Types of UPVC pipes SWR fittings available:- Bend, 45◦ Bend, Tee, Double Tee, “Y”, Double “Y”, Cleaning pipe, Vent cowl.

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